“Is this gluten free?” “What’s gluten?”

Here’s a list of the top 10 things that happen when you decide to venture out and are afflicted with food allergies:

  1. Being hangry.
  • Guilty as charged.
  1. Apologizing to family for being hangry and asking for their forgiveness.
  • “Please forgive me for anything I said while I was hangry.”
  1. Encountering clueless waiters.
  • “Is pasta gluten free?” Um… No….
  1. Unintended crash course diets.
  • Sometimes you just flail yourself onto the grocery store floor and accept the fact that nothing is gluten free.

gluten gluten everywhere

  1. Answering the question, “Is this a choice or are you gluten intolerant?”
  • Why would I want to willingly torture myself??
  1. Buying out a carton of a new-found gluten free food not found in your home state.

buy all the cartons

  1. Speed reading nutrition labels of quick shop food because you are getting hangry and are an hour away from “real food.”
  • I can read a label faster than you can say “glucono-delta-lactone.”
  1. Packing the whole pantry just to go on vacation.
  • Pack the WHOLE PANTRY!!… Even the doors.
  1. Being nauseous at least one night of vacation from something you ate and facial swelling that makes you look like the relative of a puffer fish.
  • Benadryl and Pepto-Bismol are my best friends for life.

allergies i feel it

  1. Being thankful for home cooked allergy free meals.
  • Because mom knows me better than anyone else.

allergy moms

Because what would life be like without some curve balls.



One Lovely Blog Award

Hello all!

I was nominated by a fellow blogger, New Crunchy Mom, for One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you to my fellow blogger and sissy 🙂 for the nomination!

One Lovely Blog Award

Here are the rules/purpose of One Lovely Blog Award:

“So what is the purpose of One Lovely Blog Award?

To meet and connect with other lovely bloggers and blogs, of course! I can say with certainty that I have met many friends on WordPress through awards like this and it is always flattering to be a nominee. It so much fun to make new friends who share an interest in blogging.

Here are the rules:

-Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their nomination post.
-Share 7 facts about yourself.
-Nominate 15 bloggers you know and let them know you are nominating them.
-Add the award badge to your post.”

With that out of the way, here are 7 facts about myself:

  1. I graduated high school when I was 16
  2. I am a 19 year old junior at Oklahoma State University (Go, Pokes!) majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine Entomology (BUGS!!)
  3. I have been pursuing a career in veterinary medicine since I could walk (No joke!)
  4.  I am the proud auntie of Bubba, the rugrat behind New Crunchy Mom
  5. My hobbies include working out and insect collecting
  6. I own a guinea pig, a cat, and three dachshunds
  7. I enjoy rock and metal music \m/

My nominees for One Lovely Blog Award are:

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Good luck!



A Letter to Heaven

A hospital bed

A room filled with flowers

Every monitor beep keeps the time

As I count down the hours

The petals they weep

They’re uprooted like me

Cut from the cord of their mother

Who created everything

Losing you was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced.

Losing you left a giant hole in my heart that will forever be empty.

When I lost you I lost a part of myself too.

I can still hear the beeps of your wheel chair clear as day.

I can still hear you say your silly little rhymes, “How now, brown cow?”

I never thought I would miss picking up cough drops off the floor.

I never thought I would miss having my toes squished by your wheel chair.

I never thought I would miss riding on the back of your wheel chair and you saying, “Who is back there? Suzanna, is that you?”

Even though it’s been two years since your passing, tears still sting my eyes when I stand in your kitchen. I still drop to my knees in tears when I want to call and hear your voice but then the harsh reality slaps me in the face. I still mutter, “Why? Why did you have to go?” when I think about all the things we used to do. The pain of losing you will never go away.

I will never forget the last thing we did together. It was Thanksgiving break and I was at your house putting up your mini Christmas tree. You were being you and taking picture after picture to document the occasion. When I finished putting the tree up, never did it cross my mind that that was going to be the last time we spent making memories in that white farmhouse.

I cherish every second of that memory.

I love you and miss you every passing day, Mamo.

Relax, Reflect, Repair

Here we are, almost all the way through the fall semester.

Here comes the cool weather, the changing of the leaves, and the pumpkin spiced everything…

But for us overachievers it’s not all this that greets us.

Burn out.

That’s what greets us.

We run ourselves ragged.

We bury ourselves in mountains of textbooks and enough paper to go across the globe twice. We forget about having a social life and accept the fact that the next couple months we will channel our inner hermit. We answer almost every question regarding social gatherings with, “I have homework to do.”

This all happens in the first half of the semester which leads to serious burn out during the second. Not only is burn out unpleasant, it’s unhealthy. We become anxiety stricken because we can’t stay awake while doing homework so we panic that we are going to fail.

Burn out is a vicious cycle. When you mix fatigue and anxiety you end up with some form of the black dog. You tell him to sit and stay at the door but he doesn’t always listen. You tell him to go home but he just sits at your feet instead. You roll out of bed in the morning and he’s right there to greet you.

Not only does this start to take a toll on you mentally but physically as well. It starts to take a toll on relationships with significant others and friends.

It’s almost like we are shooting ourselves in foot. We work so hard to get ahead to just be worn down by our efforts. We get behind in our work so then we start getting anxiety over the littlest things. When these things mix we start to crack.

“With time comes grace.”

It’s important to take some time for yourself. Relax, reflect, repair, and most importantly – breathe. Connect with friends, go out with your special someone. Escape the work for just a little while.

Be kind to yourself and others.

“To hell with being depressed, be as light as feather and sooner or later it’ll all be coming together.”

Save me a seat on the crazy train

“Times have changed and times are strange
Here I come, but I ain’t the same
Mama, I’m coming home” – Ozzy

Times have definitely changed. We now live in a world were we have to micro manage our lives to get everything done in a timely manner. What’s the point of it all? If you don’t have time to enjoy what you love then what are you living for? 

I came to college expecting an excellent academic environment. My expectations for people my own age are WAY too high. If I’m not in class I’m either studying or working out. Everyone else? They are playing video games on big screen TVs set up on the lawn and chugging Dr. Pepper. No wonder people complain about college being hard for them. If I just sat around playing games and drinking myself into a sugary oblivion I’d probably complain too.

Times is too precious to waste it on stupid stuff. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t let go every once in a while; I’m saying spend your time wisely. Me writing this blog post is me relaxing and taking a break from homework that I’ve been working on for over 5 hours today.

I have things I want to do with my life and partying sure as hell won’t get me there. Our educational system is broken. They advertise college as a place to party and have a good time; definitely the opposite of getting ready to hold down a respectable job. I’m sorry but I didn’t spend $14,000 this semester to party. I didn’t come here to meet people. I came here to learn and having my whole dorm thump until 10 pm doesn’t sit with me well. Not trying to be Grumpy Cat here…


Okay, maybe I am…

I came here to learn.  

Now, what does college have to do with Ozzy Osbourne lyrics and the paragraph about time being precious?

Well I just like Ozzy… I feel like my insanity is represented perfectly in his lyrics. 

What about the time? I’m just saying don’t waste your time living the “dream” that will soon be over when it backlashes and you crawl into a deep hole of depression and cry hysterically. Spend it wisely, life doesn’t last forever. Balance. 

“I do not cut myself off from what makes me feel; I just refuse to feel anything that cuts me off from what matters most. It is called will power. With a little practice, you can accomplish great things.” – Corey Taylor, Seven Deadly Sins





Wind-Up Toys

Ever feel like you are going nowhere fast? Yeah, me too. But for me it’s from burning out, lack of sleep, and overachieving. Sometimes being an overachiever is a blessing and a curse. I’ve learned to deal with it, I’ve learned to pace myself but sometimes everything gets too overwhelming and I’m like an ADD three year old. “Oh, look a tr…. SQUIRREL!”

Insanity can be a beautiful thing… If you aren’t in an insane asylum because of it. Some people fear their insanity; they fear being different or outgoing and letting it all hang out. When I say hang out I mean care free; not hang out as in flash booty and cleavage (no one wants to see that). 

From insanity to love, life is a crazy beautiful thing. If it weren’t for these moments of insanity life would be very boring, you know? We all have our moments of sanity and insanity; we march around daily like good little soldiers. We play our parts as little toy soldiers; eventually we fall down, like toy soldiers blown over by a strong gust of wind. (Yes, I just referenced Martika). 

With the first week of college just about over I feel the overwhelming insanity getting ready to hit. Ha! What am I saying? It already has! Taking 16 hours is no easy task. Sticky notes, notebooks, markers and more; I’m drowning in it. I’m the introvert of the campus; I roll my eyes at the parties and pizza. While everybody else is enjoying a leisurely walk across campus here I come speed walking with my 50+ pound book bag strapped to my back. People look at me like I’m crazy and I do the same to them. Maybe we are all a little insane. Either way it’s life. We are all going somewhere, have somewhere to be and want to get there fast. We fall down and then we choose to get back up. Keep pushing, keep going; you’ll get there eventually.

“My motor is stalled, but my wheels are still spinning.” – Alice Cooper


The Ant and The Boot

Do ever feel like an ant threatened to be terminated by a boot? I think anyone can relate to this at some point in their life. I’ve felt this many times; especially when any dramatic change gets thrown my way. From getting a job, to high school graduation; when anything like this happens we get the wake up call from life saying, “Put on your big girl britches, you’re playing in the big league now.” I haven’t had this feeling in a while; maybe I’m immune? Maybe I’m too busy to notice. Or maybe I’ve just accepted the fact that life will always thrown curve balls and sometimes I will strike out; but that doesn’t mean I should quit trying. If it wasn’t for these curve balls I wouldn’t be where I am now. 

Growing up I was the odd one because I was home schooled. Do I regret being home schooled? Not at all. It was up to me to make myself study and complete assignments. I didn’t rely on anyone else to help me when I had a problem. This showed later when I took end of year placement tests; I always scored above average. I had encounters with public school students who were either envious of my education or the called me “bone head” or “stupid,” even though I had the scores to prove otherwise. How does this relate to my above topic? This was my curve ball, because I was home educated most colleges and universities require that I have higher test scores (ACT, SAT) to make my education “valid” to them. 

Most people are floored when I inform them that I am a pre-vet student and a home school graduate. These things don’t define me, they made me who I am. Do I wear the title home school graduate proudly? Yes, because most people think that home schoolers are “backwards” and “sheltered.” I will agree if someone said I was sheltered when it comes to television because I hardly watch it because I don’t have the time. But I don’t care, I’m too busy at building a future for myself.

Life is a funny thing. We are the ants, life is the boot. Don’t let the boot squish you into extinction. 

“Life doesn’t own you anything. You owe yourself everything.” – Corey Taylor, Seven Deadly Sins


"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" – Dr. Seuss